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DFW Custom Decks has the ability to do any type of carpentry, woodworking, or construction you might possibly require. This page will primarily focus on our most popular types of work: Decks and Arbors.
Decking work should be installed to enhance a swimming pool or other backyard area for private gatherings, cookouts, or parties. Typically benches or other types of seating would be available on the deck. Possibly the deck will be used to connect one area of a yard with another. Deck location is a primary concern in determining how it will affect current surroundings. A deck should never obscure or take away from the natural beauty of existing landscape work. The installation of a deck should become an integral element that enhances and completes a home.
Arbors typically provide shade and act as support for hanging plants, or they can also become a living structure covered in vines and crawling plantlife. An arbor could also become the central element of a garden allowing sunlight to correctly enter during all seasons of the year. Specifically though it provides a shaded area during the summer months allowing plants to thrive and yet remain cool.

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